[BREXIT SHOW] Week One recap

[BREXIT SHOW] Week One recap

So on Monday negotiations finally got under way. Though by the looks of it it was mostly the UK showing, the EU saying: “This is how it’s going to go” and the UK saying: “Okay”.

Interestingly enough, most of the European media didn’t really bother too much with it. There was a note or two but that was about it while the UK media went into a feeding frenzy with the leave side trying to spin this as somewhat of a success, while the “remoaner” side pointed at it as a sign just how badly things will be going.

The whole mess wasn’t helped by Boris Johnson who got smacked down on radio when asked questions around the Governments position after the Queen’s speech.

This was followed on Thursday by May offering a “really good deal” to EU citizens living in the UK:

The Prime Minister made what she called a "fair and serious" offer to EU leaders on Thursday evening to guarantee the rights and status of EU citizens in the UK, provided that EU countries do the same for Brits living abroad.

EU citizens who have been living in the UK for at least 5 years would be given "settled status," allowing them full rights to pensions, healthcare, education, and benefits. May also promised to scrap the UK's 85-page application form for EU citizens applying for residency, replacing it with a simpler digital form.

The Prime Minister made the offer to the EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday during a two-day summit. It is the first time May has met with European officials since her disastrous snap election earlier in the month.

Which was promptly shot down by EU heads of state as not adequate.

Of course in some UK media and from the Government this was spun as “positive direction”.

And as a final present, Andrea Leadsome who almost became PM last year accused the British Press of not being patriotic when questioning the Government about it’s BREXIT plans:

You can’t really make this up. Get your popcorn ready, we haven’t even started yet and it’s already getting good.