Coffee Chronicles 016

Coffee Chronicles 016

"Official" tasting notes and background information.

The Beans

Coffee Chronicles 015 - The Beans

Small beans, hinting at higher elevation or dryness. I am getting only the slightest hint of coffee off of it.

Brewing Method AeroPress

I am following James Hoffman's "The Ultimate AeroPress Technique". 11 grams of coffee and 200 grams of water. Steep 2 minutes, then swirl and let settle for 30 seconds before fully pressing it through.

Coffee Chronicles 015 - AeroPress

As with the beans, there is no discerning aroma coming from the brewed coffee. It has a brown/orangey tone to it.

The first sip gives me the bitterness of dark chocolate with a tiny hint of sweetness, but not really a whole lot more. It is a bit underwhelming I admit.

As it cools the aromas balance out a bit more, with the bitterness taking a bit of a back seat and the sweetness coming a bit more forward.

Rating: 2.5/5

Brewing Method French Press

Coffee Chronicles 016 - French Press

Much like with the AeroPress I am not really getting any aroma of the brew. Maybe my nose is stuffed?

blows nose

Nope, still no smell.

Taste profile is pretty much on par with what I got out of the AeroPress, but with a hint of acidity at the tail.

Rating: 2.5/5