Coffee Chronicles 017

Coffee Chronicles 017

"Official" tasting notes and background information.

The Beans

Coffee Chronicles 017 - The Beans

Once again, my smell seems to not pick anything up. I did get some sour, almost acidic notes off of it, but I think this may actually be the paper bag.

The beans are larger than yesterdays and slightly darker in roast.

Brewing Method AeroPress

I am following James Hoffman's "The Ultimate AeroPress Technique". 11 grams of coffee and 200 grams of water. Steep 2 minutes, then swirl and let settle for 30 seconds before fully pressing it through.

Coffee Chronicles 017 - AeroPress

A sniff of the brew gives a very light acidic note, but not much else. Tasting it gives me a sweetness and fruity aroma but I don't think my taste buds are good enough to actually identify the individual notes.

The tasting notes mention Strawberry and Blackberry Jam as well as Vanilla. Def. do not get the Vanilla, though if I really try I can imagine the strawberry and blackberries. There is def. a sweetness hanging around.

Overall it is a nice, clean coffee. I think as a cold brew or over ice it would be refreshing on a hot day.

Rating: 3.5/5

Brewing Method AeroPress over Ice

Coffee Chronicles 017 - AeroPress over Ice

Figured I give this a try. Same AeroPress method as before, but this time over ice.

Colour is lighter, almost reddish, with a very light hint of sweet molasses coming of of it.

Taste wise the fruit notes def. come through with a little bit of bitterness. This is actually quite refreshing and I like it better than hot. Def. great for a summer afternoon.

Rating: 4/5