Coffee Chronicles 019

Coffee Chronicles 019

"Official" tasting notes and background information.

The Beans

Coffee Chronicles 019 - The Beans

I am three for three now with my nose just not really picking anything distinct up from the beans.

The beans themselves are interesting too as they do not appear to be uniformly roasted.

Brewing Method AeroPress

I am following James Hoffman's "The Ultimate AeroPress Technique". 11 grams of coffee and 200 grams of water. Steep 2 minutes, then swirl and let settle for 30 seconds before fully pressing it through.

Coffee Chronicles 019 - AeroPress

Like with the beans, there is no real aroma for me coming off of the coffee. On the first sip I get some chocolate like bitterness and a hint of some fruit, but very very subdued and once again I can't really place it.

The tasting notes reference dried apple and I guess that's what is coming through? I am blaming this more on my taste buds than the tasting notes though.

As the coffee cools the bitterness is coming more forward for me. It's an okay cup, but nothing that wows me.

Rating: 2.5/5

Brewing Method French Press

Coffee Chronicle 019 - French Press

The French Press preparation has taken the bitterness away and I do get the dried apple now more, even though it's still not overwhelming my taste buds. I am def. not getting the Cardamon though that should be in there with the tasting notes.

On balance, I think I prefer the AeroPress version. It has more body.

Rating: 2.3/5