Coffee Chronicles 022

Coffee Chronicles 022

"Official" tasting notes and background information.

The Beans

Coffee Chronicles 022 - The Beans

Average sized beans, once again I am not getting any aroma off of the beans or the grind.

Brewing Method AeroPress

I am following James Hoffman's "The Ultimate AeroPress Technique". 11 grams of coffee and 200 grams of water. Steep 2 minutes, then swirl and let settle for 30 seconds before fully pressing it through.

Coffee Chronicles 022 - AeroPress

As with the beans and the grind, once again I am not getting any aroma off of the brew.

On the first sip I am getting a citrus notes and some chocolate. Not strong, but def. there.  As it cools the citrus def. becomes more dominant.

Looking at the tasting notes there is also supposed to be butterscotch in there, but I admit, I am not really getting it.

It is a pleasant, smooth one. Good for a chill Saturday morning.

Rating: 3.5/5

Brewing Method French Press

Coffee Chronicles 022 - French Press

Once again, no aroma coming off of the brewed coffee. Taste wise I am now getting a slight hint of butterscotch. Surprisingly it is as smooth though as with the AeroPress.

I would say it is a slightly better brew, but not by a large margin.

Rating: 3.6/5