Movement in January

Movement in January


In January I did a total of 56 tracked activities and covered a distance of 338.69km according to my Garmin.

I ended up burning 24,566 kCal doing this and gained more than 4km in elevation.


I did only one run this in January. The reason for this is that my achilles tendon is still not fully healed. I did the one run and actually felt really good but greatly regretted it the next day when I limped around because the achilles tendon was inflamed again.

I am making progress though and hope in another week or so I can get back to running.


No cycling. The weather wasn’t really great for this.

Cross Country Skiing

I managed to go four times in January. I lost one weekend and one mid-week skiing because of adverse weather conditions. As much as I love it, I wasn’t willing to drive icy roads for it and based on the road reports that was a good decision.


I have started to use the rowing machine and SkiErg quite a bit. It is interesting how with consistency things get easier. Banging out 2K as a warmup feels like nothing and even 15K is getting easier.


I am also trying to get back into a daily Yoga habit. Slowly starting this up again and I do already it making a difference.


As I cannot run at the moment I am trying to offset this with walking.


Overall I am happyish with the way January worked. Bit bummed over the lost skiing sessions, but overall making progress.

The injured achilles tendon is a hangover from my bike crash back in October, but it is improving with the stretching. I am also starting to improve my hamstring flexibility again. In fact, the main challenge right now are my calfs actually.

Here is to an even more productive February.