On the US leaving the WHO

On the US leaving the WHO

I have had a draft about a COVID-19 post on my Ulysses for a few weeks now, but resisted posting it because….. Well, lots of bullshit out there, and god knows, everybody has an opinion.

But today Trump announced that the US was going to pull out of the WHO and here I have to fucking say something.

Fuck you!


So, first things first. There is a weird idea, especially in the US, that the UN and by extension the WHO which is a UN organization, are out to “overthrow the US”.

I can’t really be arsed right now to write a huge post as to why supranational organizations like the US and the EU are weaker than the individual members. But let’s get to the WHO.


Okay, so lots of blame for COVID-19 has been laid at the feet of the WHO. Coming to down to two points:

  1. The WHO is in the pocket of the WHO
  2. Because of that the WHO did not take the threat serious.

Both are bullshit. To the first point, the WHO receives the vast majority of it’s funding from the US, not China.

For the second point: It did. It announced a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30th. So any claim that the WHO tried to downplay the seriousness has either not paid attention or is lying. The reality is that many Western Governments took a laissez-fair approach to the whole thing.

When things finally started going south, especially in the US, the narrative shifted to the WHO as the scapegoat.

Let me put this subtle: Fuck You!

No seriously, FUCK YOU!!!

All the dead people in West past the middle of March (up to 14 days before symptoms show) is on local politicians.

So, fuck you Trump and any other politician who decides that blaming the WHO (or China for that matter). You’re the ones who ignored the warning signs, you ignored the advice of public health officials.

Own up.

June will tell us how well “opening up” will work. That is, prior to massive international travel.

Let’s hope for the best.