Thoughts on Meditation

Thoughts on Meditation
Meditation Streak

At the end of 2018 I decided to make a daily 20 minute meditation my “practice” and, as of today, I have managed to meditate for 380 days straight.

It is funny to look back on it now and how hard it was. I have meditated on and off for almost 30 years and I always found it beneficial, but I never really made it a daily habit for an extended period of time.

But with 2019 I finally managed to meditate 20 minutes every day of the year.

And so, now a bit of a year later I just realized how much easier it has become.

What has gotten me back into meditation is actually a gadget, called Muse.

Muse is essentially an EEG that reads your minds activity and then gives you audio queues that allow you to focus again. It sounds gimmicky, and it is, but it def. works.

At the end of your session you get a report like this:

Screenshot of post meditation analysis in the MUSE app

It tells you how focused you were. How often you “slipped” and how quiet your mind was overall. It is not required to use it but I do like the immediate feedback and the Nerd in me likes the stats.

At the end of it. After a year of daily meditation I have to admit, I am quite impressed how much positive change I have experienced.

And yes, that all sounds very “new agey” and “trendy”, but reality is there is science to back up the usefulness of meditation.

So, if you’re stressed or high-strung, full of anxiety etc. Give it a shot. It’s free (if you don’t Muse) and the benefits are there.

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