Training Log for May 2017

Training Log for May 2017

Summary for May 2017

Body Measurements:

Start Weight: 86.8kg
End Weight: 86.7kg

Start Body Fat: 13.8%
End Body Fat: 13.7%


Running: 59.9.5 km
Cycling: 102.7 km
Walking: 99.7 km


VO2 Max


Floors Climbed

Intensity Minutes

Resting Heart Rate


Active Calories

Total Distance

Training Status

Progress Pics

Start of the month

End of the month

Summary / Forward Looking

No detailed training log this month. May was a “lost month” due to stupidity on my part and two weeks of a very weird cold. Now that summer is here though I am looking forward to a much more active June.

Oh, and there is this: